Citizen Corps in North Carolina

CERT training graduates

NC Citizen Corps, funded by the Department of Homeland Security and managed by the Commission, provides opportunities for people in our state to volunteer to help make their families, homes and communities safer, stronger, and better prepared for all kinds of disasters and emergencies.  Everyone has a role in hometown security and a personal responsibility to be prepared.

Since 2002, communities in North Carolina have worked to create Citizen Corps Councils that bring together first responders, firefighters, emergency health care providers, law enforcement officers, individuals with disabilities, representatives from the private sector, and emergency managers with its local volunteer resources. Councils help to expand opportunities for people to engage in volunteer service that will support emergency preparation, prevention, and response.

North Carolina volunteers serve in 5 Citizen Corps Programs:  Community Emergency Response Teams, Medical Reserve Corps Units, Volunteers in Police Service Programs, Fire Corps Programs, or Neighborhood Watch Communities. 

Citizen Corps

Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT)

Medical Reserve Corps Units

Volunteers in Police Service Programs

Fire Corps Programs

Neighborhood Watch Communities

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