AmeriCorps in North Carolina

Join AmeriCorpsAmeriCorps is an opportunity to give back to your community while learning about yourself and others. You may have the opportunity to tutor and mentor school-aged youth, improve the quality of child care, build houses, participate in the AmeriCorps disaster response team and build houses. In addition to the skills you gain and relationships you build as an AmeriCorps member, you will receive a modest living allowance and health insurance. Once full-time members complete 1,700 hours of service in a year, they are eligible to receive an Eli Segal Education Award in the amount of $5,815; part-time members are eligible to receive $2,907.50 after completing 900 hours of service; quarter-time members are eligible to receive $1,538.36 after completing 450 hours of service. The education award can be used to repay existing student loans or to help finance college, graduate school or vocational training.

For more information about current AmeriCorps programs in NC, click here. Contact the program that interests you for an application. If you have questions about local programs, contact the AmeriCorps office in the Commission at 919-814-2063, 919-814-2060, 800-820-4483, or 711 (Relay North Carolina). For information about AmeriCorps programs elsewhere in the US, please visit the national website (

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