Disability Inclusion

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The Commission is committed to encouraging all North Carolina residents, regardless of ability race, religion, gender, age, income or education to engage in service. Through resource development, outreach and assistance the Commission staff works to bring North Carolina's national service programs and disability communities together to improve the quality of life for all residents.

AmeriCorps and Senior Corps programs offer participants significant opportunities for personal and professional growth through service in the community. While these opportunities are important to everyone, they can be particularly significant in the lives of people with disabilities. On a personal level, national service provides participants with opportunities to learn about themselves and their responsibility to their neighborhoods and communities. Through service and interaction with other national service participants, program staff, and community members, participants will discover the power that each individual has to bring about positive change. Participants will also learn collaboration, communication, leadership, and other life skills. Professionally, national service can help participants prepare for future employment by providing ongoing training and practical experience in a variety of fields. For individuals with disabilities, the chance to go out into the community and serve others can change perspectives-their own and those of others.

Disability outreach and inclusion is vital to the success of national and community service initiatives. National service is for everyone because everyone has something of value to offer. To support the inclusion of people with disabilities in national service programs, resources are available to assist with training and technical assistance needs related to various topics including outreach, recruitment, retention, disclosure, legal responsibilities and accessibility.

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